The Nuragic Complex of Noddule is located 13 km from Nuoro, along the SS389 towards Orune and Bitti at km.86 … just 100 meters after the junction for Benetutti.
It is one of the most important archaeological areas, rich in monuments, which testifies to continuous anthropization in antiquity and summarizes a large part of the development of the ancient history of Sardinia.
The site is open to the public, is edited by Nooraghe Srls and is also included in our “Water dedicated Cult” itinerary.

The Nuragic Complex of Noddule was involved in archaeological excavations in the 50s and 60s and another excavation of the sacred area in 2008.

Noddule, megalithic circle

It is located near the State Road 389 of Buddusò and Correboi, at km.86. Immediately after the entrance to the area you can admire several megalithic circles beyond which begins a vast nuragic settlement that includes a polylobate nuraghe, which is preserved for a height of more than 10 meters, whose main rooms have yet to be brought to light from archaeological excavations; close to the nuraghe it is possible to see ancient quadrangular huts dating back to the later phase of the settlement, of the Roman period, where we can see the reuse of the same stones of the nuraghe collapse.

Noddule, view of the nuraghe

A large circular hut is clearly visible and highlighted, certainly one of the most important environments that preserves high walls, niches and an entrance hall with seats, in the middle a large fireplace that can also be interpreted as an altar or a basin base.

Noddule, the large circular hut

Nearby, besides the settlement but pertinent to it, there is a Tomba dei Giganti of small dimensions, built with rows technique and large well-worked and squared segments, investigated in the 60s and of which the complete planimetry is clearly visible. machined segments scattered around, the exedra and the basic rows of vestments.

Noddule, Tomb of the Giants

Inserted in the great nuragic settlement there is a particular sacred area: a large enclosure with several circular rooms that preserves inside a large still active Nuragic source. It is certainly the most significant monument in the area, composed of a paved vestibule consisting of a double room with seats, steps and high protruding walls made of blocks of granite.

Noddule, access to the well of the Sacred Source

The steps lead to the entrance to the soul of the well, made of ashlars of trachyte, which retain a perfectly circular environment, about a meter and a half deep that intercepts the almost superficial vein of water. The well cover is a ‘tholos’, with a unique dome composed of perfectly worked trachyte segments, of different colors, which generate a fascinating chromatic effect up to the closing stone which, in turn, has a recess elongated, similar to an eye.

Noddule, inside the dome of the Sacred Fountain

As a whole the site allows to tell a great period of the history of Sardinia that goes from prenuragic megalithism up to the Roman age, passing through the birth, development and magnificence reached at the height of the Nuragic civilization.

The guided tour ticket costs 5 euros for adults, free up to 6 years, boys from 6 to 12 years and for organized groups the ticket is reduced to 3 euros, the visit lasts an hour. The site can be visited in winter every day, except Wednesday, from 9:30 am to sunset. In other seasons it is open every day from 9:30 to 19:00. For information call 3209478405. The ancillary services to the site are under construction. Map to reach the archaeological site:

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The Noddule Nuragic Complex for the two-year period 2018/2019 will enjoy the latest technologies applied to its exploitation thanks to the project “Archaeological Park of Noddule” presented by Nooraghe Srls and co-funded by the regional “Culture Lab” within the POR FESR Sardegna – Unitary programming 2014 – 2020 – Strategy 2 “Creating job opportunities fostering the competitiveness of companies” – Intervention program: 3 – Competitiveness of companies.


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